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Pennant Strings:

We are one of America's most innovative producers of high quality, pennant strings, for over many years. We make available even the most complex, mixed-media designs using virtually any combination of materials, and we are the creators of cost effective banners that are pocket friendly, at the earliest possible time, as we can’t afford to make our clients wait. Our flexible production facility aids all large and small jobs possible. From custom logo flags to directional signage for trade show displays, we serve you with all. Go for our Pink Pennant Strings and Pink and White Pennants for that amazing decorative look.

Our website offers a variety of services to make your flag reach your place honoring your purpose. Reach our website and sign up for flag alerts to receive notices and updates on flags yearly calendars of flag flying holidays and exclusive deals and discounts all sent directly to your email inbox. Our website is your one-stop shop for all flags and banners as per your requirements. We don’t forget customers once dealt with. We are always available to repair your flags, teach you how to increase the life of your flag and guide you with the best way of displaying your flag. Drop on our website to get a free Custom Quote for your project online right now. Happy flag flying!