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Metallic Streamers And Other Pennant Streamers:

Long from the middle ages Pennants have been in use purely as a personal ensign. The flags were associated with knights, indicating their kingdoms and were carried by knights, attached to his lance and displaying his personal insignia. These are also used for special ceremonial occasion, more particularly at state funerals. Now, pennants streamers, like blank flags can be commonly seen flying presenting the energies with which trade shows, fairs or festivals are being carried out. Perfect for events that are organized to attract a large crowd because it exudes a more festive air to the place. The colorful pennants strewn at strategic locations would usually create more lively and inviting environments.

They are like showstoppers, once in the eye won’t be ignored. It is an amazing way of attracting people to stop by and attend the fair or trade show and take part in the celebration. Include Pennant streamers in your birthday party theme matching with the party's color motif to make it uniform. In the middle ages, these pennants were a seriously concerned due to its importance in formal ceremonies. And now pennants are indicators of celebrations and joy, blowing in beautiful colors setting different moods in big parties or gatherings.

Our perfectly working streamers with all of our cannons, are suitable to a ballroom, a stadium, or any other venue. Fulfilling your needs, our streamers are sold in sleeves, each sleeve contains 32 tightly-packed streamers, each 16' in length, enabling an efficient loading process at ease, and the cleanup is also easy. It will be more fun with less mess.