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Pennants on a string:

With Pennants on a string, you can present a piece of your art and creativity by creating one or you can go for our traditional shapes in triangular, rectangles and more. Explore the features of our glow-in-the-dark options, attracting customers even when there is a light out situation. Our pennant flags are a simple, effective, economical and easy way to capture indoor or outdoor attention. A perfect deal, isn’t it? We can customize our products to fit in any environment by different length of kits available. The kit is completely customizable.

Take advantage of our limitless possibilities offered. Starters out there, we have no shape limitations for you. For example, we can serve you with a String Pennant in individual shapes, a sequence of shapes, a shape of a bottle or even a football helmet. Pennants can be used as a message or slogan of the brand, website link or simply the brand logo, with looks of wood or braided rope or premium look of silver or color metallic option, along with fluorescent for a glowing effect. Made with recyclable materials, UV treated inks, flame retardant and waterproof; string pennants are weather resistant and usable inside or outside.

The main industries that use String Pennants are: groceries, convenience stores, supermarkets, breweries, foundations, restaurants, banking institutions, sports teams and racing industries are the main industries using String Pennants on a large scale. They quickly capture attention and are perfect for one-day promotions or marketing exposition, especially with festivals, sports or racing events.